ISS 2020 Vision: The Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace

Though physical workplaces no longer are viewed as the epicentre of an organization, they are still crucial to create and support organizational culture. A culture that in turn enables organizational strategy and business performance.

To do so effectively, the physical frameworks combined with human-centric service must provide a holistic workplace experience, where the end-users can be productive and thrive.

Facility Managers are in the unique position of being able to act as workforce facilitators that can make marginal gains in performance in every employee - and facilitate a workplace environment that can bring together people, place and process to enable better business outcomes and secure a strong competitive advantage.

How to do this effectively?

Take a look at the webinar recording and get the topic insights based on more than 7 years of research with partners such as Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, IFMA, CoreNet Global and more.

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