Introduction and presentation to the Sitecore platform

Roles and user rights (0:12)
Edit ribbon and Site Control Panel (1:30)
Login to Sitecore (3:44)


In Sitecore there are four user types: admin, webmaster, editor and author. Your role determines what you can do and see in Sitecore. Most of you will have the Editor role.


·         Can do “everything”

·         Can delete the Homepage


·         Can do the same as an Editor

·         Can manage news categories

·         Can change labels

·         Can manage users and control security


·         Can create, edit, delete, publish

·         Can delete pages, except the front Page

·         Can manage all content and components

·         Can approve and publish what Author does

·         Can’t manage news categories


·         Can create and edit pages and components

·         Can’t delete pages

·         Can’t see SCP

·         Can’t publish – only save to draft

Login to Sitecore

·         Open a browser

·         Type in the Sitecore URL for your website

·         Choose which of the three user interfaces you want to use

·         Click options and choose Page Editor

·         Type in your user name and password and hit Enter or click the Login button

·         You are now logged into Sitecore

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