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Introduction to the Media Library (0:12)
Uploading files to the Media Library (1:28)

Introduction to the Media Library

The Media Library is Sitecore’s main file repository for storing and managing all media files including images, PDF files, Flash files and more. The Media Library can be accessed from all the interfaces and includes features such as multi file upload, zip unpacking and structuring, versioning, file metadata and more.


The Media Library is accessed through the SCP when editing in Page Editor. Editors with author role can't access the Media Library.


Global and ocal folders

The Media library contains both global and local folders. The global folder contains images and files that can be shared across sites. The images and files in the local folder can only be used on the specific country site to which it belongs. Each country site has a local folder. You can only see the folder that belongs to your country's site.


Upload a file to the Media Library

 - Go to the Media Library 

- Expand the Media Library node until you see the folder you want to upload the file or image to

- Choose the correct folder

- Click 'Upload files'

- Browse and select an image or a file

- Click 'Open'

- Once the upload is done, click on the item in the folder

- Click save and Approve and Publish

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