Basic page editing

Editing a page (0:12)
Using the Rich Text Field (0:40)
Making links in the Rich Text Field (1:42)
Inserting an image in the Rich Text Field (5:06)
Using the snippet tool in the Rich Text Field (5.15)

Editing a page

To edit a page you simply navigate to it in Page Editor, as you would on the website. You then click on the Edit button in the edit ribbon. You will now be able to see which parts of the page are editable by moving your cursor around the page. The editable parts will have dotted lines around them on mouse over.


There are two ways of editing text using the Rich Text Field

 - The first is by placing the curser and adding/editing text directly on the page

 - The second is by opening the RTF editor, which gives you access to more tools and options


Types of links

 - External Links

 - Internal links to pages

 - Internal links to media items



"A snippet is a small piece of HTML code that makes inserting tables easy. By using it you are sure that the html surrounding your tables is always the same and follows the web guide.

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