Creating a new page

Inserting a new page (0:07)
Setting properties and metadata (1:45)
Save and apply page template (3:34)
Changing menu position (4:34)

Inserting a new page

- Navigate to the page under which you want to insert a new page

- Go in Edit mode

- Click "Insert" in the Home menu

- Choose the page type

- Give the page a name and click Insert

- The page is now created

- Edit the components on the page

- When you are done adding content, remember to save your changes and click Submit Approval, or Approve and Publish


Properties and metadata

In the properties and metadata menus you can change the menu title and page title, make redirect links, choose menu teasers, edit the header and footer HTML and set metadata for the page.


Saving and applying page templates

Saving and applying page templates can be useful if you have to create multiple pages with the same elements.


To save a template:

- Navigate to the page you want to make into a template. The page should have the components you want to use on multiple sites, and you should make sure to delete any unused components, etc.

- Click Edit and in the Advanced tab, click 'Save As Template'

- Enter a name for the new template and click 'OK’

- Your template has now been saved


To apply your template:

- Create a new Content page

- In the Advanced tab, click 'Choose template'

- Select the template you just created and click 'Apply'

- Your template has now been applied, and you can start working on the page


Changing menu position

If you want to move a page to a different position in the navigation, you should use the sorting options in the edit ribbon sorting menu.

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